Ownership & BEE

First Capital Asset Management Holdings owns 52% of TriAlpha and is part of the First Capital Group stable of companies.

As a diversified financial services group with key pillars in fixed income, renewable energy, infrastructure, property and education, their progressive and entrepreneurial team has a unique talent for developing new products in what is often perceived as a monotone industry.

They believe the financial services industry has a vital role to play in the allocation of funds to investments that generate attractive returns while serving society. Furthermore, they believe that through innovative products their team can help create solutions for the environmental and societal challenges of today.

In the selection and management of their investments they actively consider how they can enhance their environmental, social and economic credentials.

They are guided by the ethos of creating value for their clients and shareholders and as such have established a high-performance culture, encouraging management buy-ins by deserving individuals.The Group companies are majority owned by management and staff.

A black consortium led by Dr. Mathews Phosa owns 21.5% of TriAlpha. The alignment of the interests of the directors and staff with those of the firm and its clients is evidenced by their ownership of the remaining 26.5% stake.

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