Who We Are & What We Do

TriAlpha Investment Management is a specialist South African-based investment management firm, predominantly focused on managing enhanced Cash and Fixed Income long-only and hedge fund institutional investment mandates using a portable alpha approach. We commenced operations in 2006 and currently manage and advise on more than R13bn of assets.

Our company is trusted by large, sophisticated institutional investors to build innovative products that meet their expectations of incremental alpha generation, with an intense focus on downside risk protection.

This matters because in a world where the uncertainty of investment returns is a certainty, we consistently preserve and enhance the capital that our investors entrust to us.

Why we are the preferred choice

Under a traditional core-satellite approach favoured by larger retirement funds, passive exchange-trade funds (ETF’s) and index products provide beta, and satellite active managers provide alpha.

This is opposed to our clients’ approach where our passive overlays and low-risk portable alpha strategies provide beta returns, and high-value active managers provide traditional alpha.

The advantage of this approach is that the passive overlay and portable alpha building blocks provide a core liability-tracking buffer against the negative impact of fees on ETF and index-based products. We manage both South African and global Emerging Market Fixed Income mandates on this basis.


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